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You've reached Artie Abrams! I'm in the Design for Stage and Film program at Tisch University and a tenant at New Directions Apartments. I've also got some sweet bros and a cute monkey. Definitely livin' the life

Respect the chair or suffer the consequences.

"The main argument in favor of the phrase “person with a disability” is that it’s “person first.” Whaaaat? No one has ever told me that I should describe myself as a “person with gayness” or a “person with womanliness.” I’m gay and I’m a woman — no need to qualify that I’m a person too. But I have been told that I’m wrong for calling myself “disabled” rather than a “person with a disability.” Unsurprisingly my response either tends to be about as long as this article or a short string of expletives."

- Lisa Egan, “I’m Not A ‘Person With A Disability’: I’m A Disabled Person” (via disabilityhistory)

Why must a song get stuck in your head?


I swear, I think I’ve had the same song stuck in my head for the past two weeks. Has this ever happened to anyone?

Which song?  But I think you have to just embrace it, honestly.  

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Clearly, I was not caffeinated enough to remember the caffeine. Maria would make a really great Glinda though. She’s been doing a lot of workshops and private lessons ever since Les Mis. Okay, but it has to be a plan where at least three people can meet him since I think Hunter would want to be included.


Oh no, you should never be that decaffeinated.  Maybe, but people are picked in their roles for specific reasons, and you’re Glinda for very specific reasons.  I’m not saying she couldn’t do it, but she couldn’t do it like you.  I think a lot of people would want to meet him, honestly.  We could just have a bif party of people who want to meet Kanye West and invite him.

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People are so easily offended by people with self-confidence that it’s not hard to do. I don’t know very much about Kanye West, but from what I have heard from around tumblr and the Warblers, he believes in himself but continues to strive to be even better. Fantastic words of wisdom all around.


It’s really kind of sad (and somewhat scary).  Like, even if you’re drowning in self hatred, why would you want that for other people?  That’s pretty much what Kanye is all about, and he makes it pretty clear that that kind of self confidence is what he wants for everyone, not just himself.  It’s awesome.  A lot of people just write him off because he’s a rapper and because he’s said some dumb things.  Which, find me someone who hasn’t said something dumb, particularly if they’re in the limelight.

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Jim Kirk + Ladies

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[Artie, after a fruitless online scouring, gives up on ever finding out the mysteries of The Announcer.

Dramatically, he rolls to the window and looks out it, hoping The Announcer is out there somewhere, and not-murdered.]

[On his way into rehearsal, he is briefly accosted by a young man who pushes him into an alleyway.  He leans in.  ”Listen, stop asking questions about ‘The Announcer.’  You’re sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.  If you ever want to step foot in there again, you’ll stop.”

"Technically, I don’t step anywhere." Artie points out, while trying to shield Walter.  Lil’ monkey doesn’t deserve to be intimidated (also he doesn’t want Walter to get defensive and dangerous and attack someone.  That’d be trouble).

"Don’t get smart, kid," the man says before walking away.]

[His search useless, Artie calls up the CRS to find out if they know anything.  They are mysteriously silent on the matter, just suggesting that Artie forget all about.  No, really Artie.  Forget ALL about it.]

[Artie calls up all the local hospitals near CRS for information about an unidentified man matching The Announcer’s description.  Nothing.]