Two rejected posters for “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" featuring the entire cast for the first time.  The reason for their rejection?  Apparently, Bill Shatner’s ego.

3Arts announced today the creation of two 3Arts Fellowships at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), unprecedented artist residencies focused on supporting the creation of new work by local artists with disabilities who are actively engaged in raising awareness about disability culture on and off campus.

New Artist Residencies Focused on Disability Culture

Ooh! This will be open to “qualifying artists” in the Chicago metro. area next year.


I’m such a grown up, I know! Trust me, Artie, I’m gonna find time to let loose ASAP. The tips are actually gettin’ better! Now that I’m more me, people are digging deeper in their pockets! Plus, I think I’m getting better at not spilling stuff. That might have something to do with it.

Are you having a super fun time at school? Is it the I’ve got this whole weekend blocked off from work and school stuff, so if you’re free, we should set something up!


Yeah, people definitely tip better when not covered with their drinks.  I’m glad you’re finally getting the $$$.  It definitely makes work worth actually doing.  

You bet it’s the  You gotta love Tisch.  It’s a fantastic place to spend, like, all your time.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be spending pretty much all my time there.  I’m thinking that I should just give up having an actual separate apartment and move into one of the buildings instead.  Sorry, I basically had meetings with professors and homework all weekend.



Okay, I think you need a few calming breaths, Sunshine.  Flaccid means that it isn’t erect.  And, man, there have been penis classifications for as long as there have been penises, I’m pretty sure.



I totally understand what you are saying, my intention wasn’t devaluing the importance of theory at all. A piece of art without theorical support is somehow empty, unless is a piece created just for its beauty.

I just meant that in the process of becoming an artist, in comparision I feel like the theorical part is not so big as it would be the practical part of it. I guess I worded it wrong. You need theory to support your art, but the art itself comes from you, obviously you saw first how, let’s keep the apple example, how an artist in the past drew the apple and how to draw an apple, and if you made a mistake, how to correct that apple, and you studied everything about apples… but at some point you won’t want to draw the apple as the books teach, and you will start experimenting, and maybe you will paint a cubist apple when cubism didn’t even exist, or won’t draw an apple at all and instead you’ll draw a tiger jumping out of another tiger’s mouth, that is jumping out of a fish’s mouth that at the same time is jumping out of a pomegranate.

The theory and references will always be there, but for me, the creativity and originality of the artists is what make them artists.


My mistake for assuming you were saying what you mean.  

If you’re supposed to be drawing an apple and you end up with a tiger jumping out of another tiger’s mouth, that is jumping out of a fish’s mouth that at the same time is jumping out of a pomegranate, you’re probably not going to be around for long.  Like, something has to have gone seriously wrong for that to happen.  Probably several somethings.

You’re talking as if creativity and theory are somehow mutually exclusive, which, nah, they’re not, unless you’re not creative.  


I! Am! Model! I do not have the answer to all these questions ok!! I am not in charge of where the underwear goes after a photoshoot all I know is that they give them to me. The briefs are not made out of gold that I know. Now please stop questioning me.

This goes to everyone to be honest.

Got! It! 

I just figured you’d have some idea.  I mean, super expensive underwear, yo, somebody outta be keeping better track of that stuff.

Too bad they’re not made of gold.  It’d probably be pretty uncomfortable, though.  I wonder if gold chafes.


It’s sad to see things not work out in Hollywood, especially when you’re one of the stars, but sadly it is a thing that happens far too often. We ran into some issues and we, unfortunately, cannot continue the film. On the bright side, I’m boarding a plane in about ten minutes to make my way back to New York. California was fun, but New York is where my heart belongs now. I can’t wait to be back home. 


This is really vague.  But I’m sorry, I think?  Welcome back to the city, though.


Bran Stark Appreciation Week: [Day 1] Favorite Season → Season 1
It had three eyes. It told me to come with him, so I did. We went down into the crypts and my father was there.